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WW2 artefacts for pupils to handle

Bring your Second World war topic to life with ALL these authentic

items for pupils to experience and handle

General items


Mickey mouse gas mask

Adult gas mask

Civilian duty (i.e. an air raid warden's) gas mask

Air raid warden's rattle

Air raid warden's bell

Royal engineers badge

Various medals

Black out lamp - green army issue

Blackout lamp - black ARP issue

ARP First aid box containing 16 items such as:

Shell dressings (open and sealed)

Roll bandages

Triangular bandages

Shell dressings

Anti-gas ointment

Working telegraph set

Firebomb shell (hollow and completely safe)

German WW2 bomb fuse

WW2 evacuee suitcase and contents, including:

children's toys,

boys and girls books

evacuee clothing items (reproduction)

ww2 workshop artefacts
mickey mouse gas mask
first aid items from the second world war
ww2 genuine artefact
ww2 King's letter to primary children
ww2 medals from the blitz
ww2 primary children's gas masks
ww2 gas eyeshields
ww2 warden's bell
1940s display in ww2 workshop



Identity cards

Ration book

ARP cigarette card collector's album (full)

Letter from the King to the school children

Receipt for an air raid shelter signed by a householder

Letters for claims for war damage (a pair of curtains among them!)

A letter from a school headteacher about closing to build air raid shelters,

asking parents to help

Handwriting book from a German school boy

Boy's own comic

Various posters

+ many more being added all the time


Secret items

We also bring along a range of secret items that the pupils have to guess themselves, ranging from bigger domestic home front items to a tiny RAF pilot's escape compass the sixe of a button!

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