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Other primary school workshops

offered by our company

At Balestra school workshops we don't just offer science but also history and sport workshops and also hireable topic boxes for a variety of topics as shown below:

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pupils dressing up as stone age people in our primary school workshop

Our Stone Age to Iron Age workshop takes pupils on a journey through the key events of the periods with a wide range of real and replica artefacts that really bring this exciting topic to life.


Beginning with an interactive timeline as per all our history workshops, throughout the day pupils will get to view and handle amazing artefacts, throw (safe) foam spears; sort real Stone Age to Iron Age artetfacts and even get their picture taken with a Woolly Rhino!


With all this excitement is no wonder that this is one of our most popular workshops!

pupils dressing up as stone age people in our primary school workshop

Our Topic Boxes for hire are a perfect solution if you are tight on budget or simply want to lead artefact activities yourself.  Each box comes with a wide range of real and replica artetfacts , supplemented by amazing online 360 degree and video resources to support your teaching and the pupils' learning.


For more details please visit out main site at www.mytopicbox.co.uk or click the links below to go to the specific website pages for each box.


Our Victorian Inventions workshop contains some of the same activities as used in our science workshops but with a greater focus on the Victorian period.  It is a unique opportunity to combine history, science and DT objectives into one workshop made up of 4 exciting activities from 4 key inventions of the Victorian age.


Power Stephenson's Rocket; take Victorian photos; use a real morse code machine and make music box songs in this exciting and original workshop.


In addition, the workshop is suitable for a range of options to suit your needs, in KS1 and KS2 versions, for a single class or mulit classes and also for a half day or full day, with different prices to suit your budget.


Our Primary science workshops provide a range fo amazing experience with many fun activities for a variety of Primary Science National Curriculum topics.

Current topics covered are sound, light, electrcity, the human body, Key Stage 1 materials, forces, evolution and inheritance, space, rocks and fossils, inventions and even  a key stage 2 rocket challenge!

What is more, it is also full of brilliant primary science teaching tips and lesson plan ideas!

Our Roman School workshop is a wonderful way to bring this popular topic to life.

Starting with an interactive timeline, pupils are taken on a journey through the keye events of Roman Britain such as Julius Caeser's failed invasion, Claudius' successful invasion of 43 AD and of course the brave Boudicca and her attempt to overthrow the Romans in 61 AD.

This is all taught with some great activities to really immerse pupils in the period, such as wearing armour, throwing (soft, safe) spears and marching, all led by Mr B dressed as a Roman Auxilliary!


Our Key Stage two sword fencing days are one of our most popular workshops and offer a great way to enthuse pupils about this unique sport in a fun and safe manner.


With over 10 years of coaching experience and safe plastic equipment, each class receives an hour of quality coaching with a medal awarded to the best sword fencer of the lesson, with the best fencer over the course of the day receiving a "champion fencer' trophy to keep.

No visitors allowed currently? We now offer virtual zoom workshops!

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